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Heartland Suite

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Enter through a hallway into the warm and cozy glow of the Heartland Suite's mantled fireplace. The rich color of the cherry stained king-sized bed, mirrored dresser and nightstands adds to the romance of this victorian style room. A flat screen t.v. and well placed loveseat complete the suite. This suite also features a full bath with shower and wireless internet.

Remember when headboards were carved and ornate? The Victorian Rose room features a walnut stained, antique wooden bed with gorgeously carved ornamentation that will make you feel like royalty in a time long forgotten. Matching marble top dressers and stands add to the victorian atmosphere. A well-placed sink and mirror allow for your convenience; as well as, a generous closet and wireless internet.

Victorian Rose

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Autumn Lodge

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Earthtone colors give the Autumn Lodge room a cabin in the woods feeling. The queen-sized oak bed, coordinating dresser and nightstand boast hand-made tongue and groove workmanship. This room has a sink and mirror for freshening up, wireless internet and shares a common bathroom.

You can just imagine the smell of an english spring garden in this lavender themed room and the sage accents add a fresh 'scent'. The detailed, queen-sized bed has a matching nightstand and dresser in a soft, cream color. This room has it's own sink and shares a common bath. Also,wireless internet.
Lavender Rose

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The Butterfly Room

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The ornately carved, full-sized bed and matching mirrored dresser take you back a couple hundred years to a time when life was not so fast paced. The butterfly accents around the room seem to slow things down a bit and produce a feel of calm and tranquility. This room has it's own sink, wireless internet and shares a common bath.

The comfort of the red and beige tones on the queen-sized bed gives you the feel of being in a cottage garden. The border continues the coziness with it's rich, warm palette. A large dresser and full length mirror on the closet round out this longed-for room. Also, wireless internet.
Cottage Garden

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Sea Breeze

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The Sea Breeze room offers two twin beds and the feeling of a day at the shore. The nautical decor continues through this room's own bath and shower; as well as, wireless internet. Clean, fresh and relaxing.

Sunshine and summer are the features of this suite! There are two rooms, each with it's own twin bed with beautiful quilted bedding. You'll love the privacy of your own full bath and flat screen television. Wireless internet too!
The Verandah

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